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Success Stories

Success Stories

We're Proud Of Your Accomplishments and we want everyone to know your story. If you are a current or previous student of ours and want to share your success story with us, we will be happy to post it here. Many of our students have received their black belts with us and have proceeded to teach classes with us.

Our Mission

To Be A Leading Martial Arts Academy
By offering skilled and experienced instructors in a clean, safe, friendly and nurturing environment.

By promoting various styles of traditional martial arts and exposing students of all ages to the benefits of training.

Master Shore & Professor Costa

By following the creed of discipline, integrity, modesty, perseverance and self control we will continue in the path established by our instructors.

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Main Principles

Anyone with a desire to master martial arts can do it with commitment, focus, motivation, proper excercise, honest intentions, and lots of patience. In martial arts, principles are often referred to by the instructors. Principles are the basics that must be taught in order to understand the martial art being learned. Once you have knowledge of the basic principles at each level through constant repetition, you will be one step closer to mastering the art.


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