Our new facililty is bigger, but we're still small at heart

Coming from a smaller club, the size of our facility allowed us to not lose sight of our objectives. Large gyms normally feel overwhelming, impersonal and intimidating for a new student, so we've kept that same "small" feeling from our previous gym that allowed students to feel comfortable and at ease in a smaller setting. Our staff and instructors are here to answer any questions and to help you get started in martial arts training.

Shore's Academy of Martial Arts continues to grow. The few years we were at our previous facility helped us make a name for ourselves in the community. Because of our continued success, we have moved into a two storey, 4,000+ square foot building to accomodate our growth. We have established ourselves as a professional academy that is serious about martial arts which is why our student retention is so high. Our facility is easily accessible by TTC and offers free parking. We have two lobby areas for parents, spouses and friends to observe or wait. Come visit our new facility today!

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    To keep things safe and orderly, our dojo has a set of simple rules:

      1. Please arrive on time and dressed for class
      2. Students are asked to arrive 10 minutes before class
      3. Please be quiet while class is in session
      4. Smoking is prohibited
      5. NO profanity is allowed
      6. No jewellery while in class
      7. No sparring without supervision
      8. No running/horseplay
      9. Sparring rules: light contact to head and body,
      NO contact to throat, back or groin area
      10. Mandatory sparring gear: head gear, hand and foot gear, cup/supporter, mouth guard
      11. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the supervision
      of their children prior to class
      12. All injuries should be reported to the instructor immediately
      13. Parents/Guardians should try to have young
      children use the restroom prior to class
      14. All small children who are not students
      must be accompanied by an adult
      15. Uniforms ARE MANDATORY and are not included in sign up fee.
      Sign up fees are non refundable
      16. Snow days - where there is no regular school,
      the academy will not hold classes
      17. Students who are testing for their new belt level
      will be announced approximately 1 - 2 weeks in advance


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