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Welcome To Our Academy: a look at who we are and what we teach

Shore's Academy of Martial Arts offers a variety of martial art styles including Taekwon-do, Kick Boxing, Grappling, Self Defense and Weapons Defense.
We welcome all levels of students interested in learning. For more information on our academy, instructors, and curriculum - click on our logo.

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Martial Arts 101: what you need to know

1. Get a check up before training
Although physical activity is perfectly safe for most people, sometimes it's important to get a doctor's OK before you exercise.

2. What do I need?
Bring comfortable sweatpants and a t-shirt for your first class. Shoe's are not allowed in the dojo, so be prepared to go barefoot.

3. Is martial arts right for me?
If you want to do it and have an interest, then yes it's for you. All you need is motivation to begin and the understanding that you will have to learn the basics first.

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Training Philosophy

Shore's Academy is a frequent competitor in various tournaments and events. We believe that this helps our students put to practice what they learn in the dojo. Students compete at their own pace and against other students of the same belt level and weight category.

Family and friends are encouraged to attend all competitions and tournaments to support each student and share in their accomplishments. Students that compete are all winners when they try their best, regardless if they win or lose.

Article by one of our students
Sarah Affleck-Hern
on the benefits of tournament competition


Shore's Academy Class Schedule


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