After training here for over two years in both the Tae-Kwon-Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs, I can confidently say that this academy is truly outstanding. The instructors are wholly committed to teamwork and it is for that reason that everyone here succeeds together. When you train in a team oriented environment, a piece of every teammate's victory is yours, whatever form that victory takes. Every technique improvement, every belt promotion and every tournament win is the direct result of people working together towards the common goal of self-betterment.

Sean Dillman

My son enrolled at Shore's Academy in September 2009 after a much larger and older boy at school bullied him on his first day. We went in hoping my son would learn the skills needed to deal with such a situation. Not only is he learning self defense, what my son has gained is an amazing confidence in himself. Now an orange belt, my son walks taller and with his head up. He loves the classes and the diversity from one class to the other. One day he could be practicing his katas, kicking drills or ground grappling and the next he's learning how to throw a person over his shoulder to escape a choke hold.

This fall my daughter also enrolled. After watching her big brother in class and seeing how much fun he was having she needed to get in on the action. My quiet shy little girl has blossomed into a little lady who is very sure of herself and what she is capable of.

At 8 and 6 years old they have never once whined or complained that it was time to get their Gi's on and get ready and go to class. They run to put on their uniforms and wear them with a great deal of pride. Shore's Academy offers discipline, respect for yourself as well as others and is completely enjoyable and fun not just for the kids but as a parent spectator.

Shore's Academy is their team, their family and they love it.

The Sardella Family

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